About SeaFire

188707_10151372778056189_145715548_n copyAloha!

Susanna Walczak-Pol is SeaFire. An island girl from Maui, Hawaii, she has been so blessed to grow up in paradise. With bellydance and martial arts as her foundation, she pulls from a wide variety of dance styles (ballet, balinese, hawaiian, tahitian, maori) to create a  truly unique performance. With six years of experience performing, SeaFire has learned how to illuminate any stage with her fiery presence, spectacular movement and ravishing beauty. Fire and water fuel her soul. Dancing with fire is learning to coexist with the primal source that created our solar system and is the primary fuel to our existence. Fire flows through the veins of the Earth, sustaining her core, and it is her lifeblood, thus a sacrament. Flame is poetry in motion, and for SeaFire dancing with it is the ultimate form of self expression.

Coming from an Eastern European family background, circus arts have always come easily to SeaFire. She awes onlookers with a stunning blend of strength and grace. Her flexibility and daring maneuvers keep audiences on the edge while the mesmerizing costumes will transport  to another realm. SeaFire relishes the smooth exhilaration of flying high.  Graceful and sophisticated, aerial performance offers a riveting and theatrical element to any event.

SeaFire has worked with many entertainment companies in Hawaii, for various private parties, weddings and corporate events. She has performed with many artists and DJ’s including; The David Nelson Band, Brown Chicken Brown Cow Stringband, David Starfire, FreQnasty, Mimosa, E.L.F Gabriel. She has been involved in theatrical productions such as the “Ulalena show on Maui and the Moscow International Circus. She has been a part of the Pyronauts fire troupe for several years. She has rocked many shows with Merkabah Fire Productions. SeaFire has been featured in The Ultraviolets Blacklight Burlesque. Bellydance shaped her style from an early age and she has studied with Mirajah Delamar who first encouraged her to dance and perform on stage with her Sacred Earth Bellydance troupe. Some festival performances include; Source Maui, Mystic Island, Alchemyez, Funk Da End of Da World, Burning Man, Symbiosis, Earth Dance, Appalachian Stringband Festival. She has performed on a national as well as international level.

SeaFire has a wide array of toys in her bag of tricks which include: poi balls, snake poi, meteor, nunchux, fingers, hoop and orb.  Unlike many performers who specialize in one art, SeaFire’s skills are so vast and versatile that she can shape shift into multiple characters with ease  during one performance. It is impossible to take your eyes off this action figure in motion! She will create the perfect ambiance for your event with her impressive costumes and knack for storytelling through dance. Alternative glow shows are available if your venue is not suitable for fire. If you are looking for ultimate, jaw dropping action, you will want to aim high by booking an aerial silk performance. SeaFire is also a model and has worked with many artistic directors and photographers and her pictures have been featured in calendars and publications worldwide.

Fire moves within Susanna’s veins like blood. The mana of the ocean surrounding this island nation fuels her soul. Through this ancient connection to Pele she strives to bring enlightenment and inspiration through sacred dance to the planet.

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